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Although students have the right to engage in voluntary, student-initiated prayer that is not coercive and does not disrupt the school s educational mission and activities, they may not utilize the classroom to proselytize their fellow students, Garrett wrote.

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Define Prosthelytize. Prosthelytize synonyms, Prosthelytize pronunciation, Prosthelytize translation, English dictionary definition of Prosthelytize. n. 1. The practice of proselytizing. 2. The state of being a proselyte. pros′e·lyt′i·cal adj. n. 1. the act or fact of becoming a proselyte; conversion.

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The word proselytize can specifically refer to religious evangelism, as in: Proselytizing is a fundamental component of Mormonism. Proselytize, however, can also be used for any situation when people are trying to convince others to try something or to join something.
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